Author Topic: Two questions regarding proxies and Zscaler  (Read 4122 times)


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Two questions regarding proxies and Zscaler
« on: August 18, 2010, 05:13:23 PM »
1) Can anybody tell me why in some cases when a proxy doesn't work it changes the url and put something like http:////?googl...  even if I typed I then have a message from avg to tell me that the page wasn't found, but in many other cases it's the usual error where a page cannot be found.

2) What's the advantage for someone who operate a proxy to put a Zscaler logon page? Since one can type any kind of email there I don't see for the moment.


I did mention this strange aspect in the previous post but here I have an example, it's a proxy (elite) that was posted today on this website by shankarax:

10 minutes ago when I typed it went nowhere, but when I typed it gives me a syntax error and change the string for
http:///?, but it sill went nowhere. So a large fraction of proxies do not seem to accept the www prefix, maybe because they are also used for something else than http requests.
And now 10 minutes later both ways work, I can now use this proxy. It's so frequent with proxies, I imagine that the load varies too much, there are huge variations regarding their accessibility.


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Re: Two questions regarding proxies and Zscaler
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2010, 10:24:36 PM »
I guess that proxy uses Zscaler Web Security Suite. It did not configure correctly at first. Now it's OK.
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