Author Topic: Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a proxy server: Yes...but can I do this?  (Read 2880 times)


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I got a cool app called Pocket Proxy for the iPhone / iPod Touch that actually turns your phone into a highly-anonymous HTTP Wi-Fi server. I tested it out and it seems to work very well! It was pretty good with battery (it wasn't a power hog), and it was highly-anonymous  :D. I have a few web servers, so I tested it there. It doesn't present itself as a proxy server, to the web server, (looks like original GET/POST requests but with a different ip. The headers looked exactly the same! hehe...).
Anyway, I thought I'd let everyone know about it, since it could be very handy to have a mobile proxy server...hmmm.... I think it is a cheap way to have your own portable proxy server...very cool. They also have a help page at
So, if a router had automatic port forwarding enabled, couldn't you just set up shop there and use their service with your mobile proxy server? Just a thought...