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**Super Fast Proxy** Myspace+Facebook+Bebo Working
« on: November 22, 2008, 12:14:33 PM »
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Daily update

CNIDC Net from the United States is a free online proxy servers, relative to other free agents on-line services sites, PROXY be compared with a long history, and has been relatively stable, and support for various types of pages are good, strong compatibility, Other online agents to fight the unpleasant page types do not forget to try PROXY. However, the general speed and ultra-ad, the ultimate good news is not Advertising time to visit the page. Support for SSL, can visit the Web site https.
Free proxy server you? Speed, high success rate of proxy ip from the Internet site is for informational purposes only agent list, but it is the latest proxy ip address. Striving to be the best and most humane, the fastest-line agent , Page navigation station agent. Agent is online every day to provide free-to-date on-line WEB proxy server address of the site, you free access to http, socks proxy server on-line-to-date list of IP, our situation is also a worry-free web proxy of the earliest well-known Web site One. The second site through the provision of online web agents, as long as you enter the URL you want to be able to browse the Web, and this anonymous agent role is the same as that! Quickly and easily, Telecom was able to visit the site of the screen closed, as well as the banned China IP foreign Web site. BT seeds to download: Please copy the address seed in the address bar ctrl + v, point to visit here.
Some sites also CNIDC --- not open for you to provide free agent IP address. Use a proxy IP Internet to play games, listen to music, watching movies more fluid.
Site offers free on-line service agent website (free web proxy). In the above input box you want to visit the Web site address (URL), choose the list of the proxy server, click "GO" button can be used for
WEB-line use of agents can speed up your Web browser speed and improve Internet security. Deputy foreign visit was to shield the site as well as the banned China's foreign IP site, so you can enjoy Internet access. At the same time, is also used as a learning exchanges to prohibit the use of its online web browser agent of any illegal content, where non-browser and any legal dispute, this site is not responsible for.
Also, and so what. . .

You should be able to bypass sites that your school/work has blocked and most likely so havent your school/work blocked this sites, so what are you waiting for...
Start to surf anonymous today!
Why browse anonymously ?
If you are a person concerned with privacy, then using a web based proxy service is for you, as you'll be browsing totally anonymous. Our free web based proxy site gives you the ability to do this without logging your ip address!

enjoy it