Are you able to go on a Self-planed, two month long round-a-world trip...alone. ?

Of'course - i just love such extream!
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I`m ready, but it sounds likely...
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I`m not crazy enough, i think.
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{No way!| Never and ever!}
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{I was once. Aghh - too boing..| I Am a pain in the neck!}
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Voting closed: June 25, 2006, 03:22:46 AM

Author Topic: Silence! Listen to this..-it is summer.!:)  (Read 3474 times)


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Silence! Listen to this..-it is summer.!:)
« on: June 25, 2006, 03:22:46 AM »
This poll is a joke, but in every joke there is a part of a joke, u know ;)

By the way, there is so little place in that poll :) so let me finish .. :))))

Imagine: i want to sell you anykind of stuff.. Let it be ticket service, or water-polo balls.. it doesn`t matter.:)
And in one certain moment (just like this one) i can offer you never to buy from me! Never! :)
Am i stupid enough? :) Maybe, but... you always can  buy  tickets in the airport and balls in a sportstore.. So it`s stupid to offer you anything like that.. And we in (c) BennyB thinked out something, you will find nowhere but here. :)

You know, I hate when someone is trying to help me (damn-damn!), but i always rate highly any true support that people sometimes can provide each other.
So, my point is simple - there is someone nearby capable to provide with all required support, but rarely it is possible to find one in time Remeber us, remember BennyB The Traveller when times of trouble comes to you during your way. We are all - one world-wide family - and, who knows, maybe one day we will meet somewhere during your next round-a-world trip. :)