Author Topic: Server detects geolocation/country of client behind proxy: How?  (Read 18635 times)


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As you may know there is a big free email provider
He allows registering new mailboxes for free for ALL countries except Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Whenever someone from these three countries tries to open a mailbox at he will be re-directed to other mailbox provider "gmx".
I don't want a mailbox from I want a mailbox from

Since I am currently working in Germany I cannot open a mailbox at - directly.

So I setup my Internet communication to use a foreign proxy (e.g. from US).
Yes, I use an english Win 7 system as well.

Much to my surprise registration procedure still detects that I am currently sitting in Germany and deny mailbox opening.

I verified that the proxy is working: Yes, the visible IP is the IP of the proxy.

Furthermore I checked my send, revealed HTTP headers with one of the online services.
They contain NO indicator that I am sitting in Germany.

That is absolute strange.

Maybe the mail provider is (due to the proxy usage) not able to find out my real, original IP but it could be sufficient for him to find out my geolocation.

I tried out about 10 (!) different proxies in US, France and Korea.

When I use TorBrowser and Tor network then everything works fine.

However I wonder how the detects my geolocation

How can this happen?



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Re: Server detects geolocation/country of client behind proxy: How?
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 07:29:24 PM »
Have you tried the incognito mode of Chrome?
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