Author Topic: about public and pvt proxies - pls guide a newbie here.  (Read 3512 times)


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I am new to this proxy scenario and still groping my way around. What I have found is that the public proxies are always sooooooooo slow and unreliable.

I used ToR with its automatic configurations and it worked like a charm but browsing we reduced to 50% of its speed and I don't have a super fast connection. I downloaded foxyproxy and it auto configured with Tor replacing Privoxy. What I need is US based fast proxy and don't know how to do that with ToR.

Right now, I have narrowed down to two proxy service i.e. Hide IP NG which has its own 6 servers and works perfect. My other machine has anonymizer and that is also working fine. While the former let me selects US based IP the latter does not. So, what happens if certain sites block those particular IPs provided by the proxy service ? The software is rendered useless ??

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Re: about public and pvt proxies - pls guide a newbie here.
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If certain sites block those particular IPs, you won't be able to use the proxy service to visit them.

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