Author Topic: Proxies working for some but not working all when using on Myminicity  (Read 5882 times)


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I am using the pro version of fpl in order to get anon and high anonymous proxies to boost my minicity (I am sure you have heared about this viral marketing game).
Now the strange thing is, that when I am using the proxies they are not working. Also for some other gamers not. But for some of the gamers, the proxies are working 100%.

here the message from hiting my city with the tool I am using

Code: [Select]
thread (68) with proxy created (
thread (76) with proxy created (

and here the replay

Code: [Select]
HTTP Connect Exception on thread 68! Connection refused: connect
.HTTP Connect Exception on thread 76! Connection refused: connect

All others from whom it is working are using the same tool and they got no error message and a count on the website.

Any idea?

Cheers and thanx



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    • View Profile is a Planetlab/CoDeeN proxy and that would seem to explain everything about any problems you had with it. 

Perhaps you should offer more proxies you are having problems with.  Also, you say others are able to use these proxies ... are you sure about this or you just think they are?  It is 100% certain the Planetlab/CoDeeN proxies would not work on any site where any type of imput would have to be made including the login process!
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