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Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 08, 2007, 05:31:27 PM »
Lorissa, eh?  No wonder you turned this into an insult fest.  You're one of Deny's old hats.  Those guys live for confrontation.  Whatever, I didn't word things in the best way and you took advantage of that to make yourself look big.  So then I tried to bring some decorum to the thread by being extremely apologetic and explaining myself a little better.  But you continue to insult me.  But now that I know who you are and where you come from that makes perfect sense.  And the funny thing is that despite the negative atmosphere that permeates Deny in general you managed to not be well liked there at all.  Your bad attitude was too much for even them to deal with.  You've always been a bad seed in this community and had I known who you were I never would have apologized to you.  I'm actually embarrassed that I did now.  So go ahead and post some snide comments, it's one you're known for.  But now that I know who you are it won't matter to me because you're not someone to take seriously.  Had I known you were Lorissa from the beginning this would have gone much differently.  I tried to show you some respect but based on who you are you don't deserve any.  You've always been a troll looking to cause trouble and nothing more.  If I were you I guess I'd use a different nick on every board I go to as well.:)

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 08, 2007, 04:48:08 AM »
I think I need to explain a thing or two.  I saw a link for this forum on another board.  And I thought, "Cool, another proxy board."  Then I got here and I saw level this and level that all over the place and I was curious why levels were being talked about so much.  I wasn't aware that there were proxy tools you are promoting that use that as I had been here only a couple minutes when I posted the question.

But the problem is I posted the question in as terrible of words as possible and that other guy went totally medieval on my ass.  It's not a good idea to post while drinking and I got that truth reaffirmed to me the hard way.  The things he's flaming me about are things I DO know about but I phrased things in such a horrible way that I guess I brought it on.  When I looked at the thread the next day I was embarrassed to say the least. 

First of all, I DO know that Charon has a scoring system.  Where I said it wasn't exactly the same thing a better way to have said that would have been to say that because I never pay attention to the scores I don't really know what score in Charon would translate to level 1 or what score would translate to level 2, etc.  That just isn't something I've ever checked into because I've never cared.  So yeah, for me to say that the programs I use to check proxies don't check for levels that was kinda' true in the sense that they don't actually say level 1 and level 2.  But it also wasn't a good way of saying it because those scores do translate to the same thing if you've bothered to find out what the scores mean.

I noticed the conversation got really nasty once I used the word paranoid.  I didn't even mean for that to be insulting.  It was just another way of saying that you might be more cautious than me.  I personally wasn't trying to get snippy until I started the post where I said "Touchy, touchy."  But by that time I'd already had a jab or two thrown at me.

I'll admit that my opening post was a bit condescending but in my drunken state when I initially saw all the "level this and level that" all over the place I thought to myself, "These guys don't know that a low level anonymous proxy won't spill your IP."  Hey, I didn't know what caliber of forum this might be because I hadn't heard of it before so for whatever reason that's the first thing that came to my mind.  I hadn't even stopped to consider that the concerns about what level they were might be rooted in whether or not the proxy was spilling something other than the IP.  I can't count how many people I've run into over the years who have thought that a higher level means more anonymous or that a lower level one might reveal their IP while the higher one wouldn't.  So my initial reaction was that I was looking at another case of that and that's why I made my topic entirely about whether or not the IP was being spilled.  To be totally honest when I saw the levels my first thought was that maybe y'all were using AD to test proxies, lol.  Hence my reason for making the comment about the dark ages of using it.  Like I said, I made the mistake of assuming that the levels were being used because some of you might have falsely believed that a higher level proxy would hide your IP better than a low level one would.  So I wasn't giving people enough credit and didn't stop to think things through before making my comments about the IPs.  The other mistake was that I wasn't broad enough, I focused everything around the IP and didn't stop to consider that the levels might be there because of something else.  I admit that with what I use proxies for levels almost always don't matter and because of that considerations for other aspects of them can slip my mind from time to time.

Yes, I AM AWARE that in some instances it will matter if a source is aware that a proxy is being used but I still maintain that those instances are rare ( Unless you live in a country with lots of censorship I suppose. ).  And no, I'm not just talking about cracking/hacking as was alleged.  Most things you use an anonymous proxy for you can do with one that isn't of a high level.  Yes, there are exceptions to that.  I'm just saying the majority of the time you shouldn't need an elite proxy.

So in a nutshell what I'm saying is that where I messed up is that I too narrowly focused on one aspect of things and didn't stop to consider the other things before posting.  And that was dumb and a mistake and there is no denying it.  But I do know about the things I was being accused of not knowing about.  I simply messed up and didn't stop to consider those things before posting.  It was a moment of bad judgment, not a lack of knowledge about proxies.  And I apologize for starting the thread in a condescending way.  I didn't even realize I was doing it at the time but when I looked at it again the next day I immediately was aware that I could and should have phrased things in a much more precise and respectful way.  But like I said, at the time I had falsely convinced myself that I was talking to people that didn't even know a low level proxy wouldn't spill your IP.  It was most certainly an exercise in bad judgment.

And btw, you were right that my proxies would have been the same ol' shit that you can find on any decent proxy board.  But can't the same thing be said about virtually anyone?  I wish I had a big secret stash of them that only I know about.  But unfortunately that isn't the case.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 07, 2007, 09:38:51 AM »
Damn, what are you so pissed about?  Chill out.  You are the one making more of this than what it is.  And I didn't want to leech anything.  I wanted to post a list.  But then I saw I'd have to break it up into multiple posts and said to hell with it.  But really, I don't know what you're getting so worked up about.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 07, 2007, 09:36:13 AM »
And if you live in a country with all kinds of censorship I guess it might matter.  But I've never had to deal with that.  I understand what you're saying though.  You do encourage your members to retest the proxies they get off of here though, right?  Just seems more simple to me to have one forum for anonymous proxies, and one for transparent.  Then when people retest they can sort them anyway they want.  The way it is now I'd have to post a few different threads to post one proxy list.  But anyway, it's your board.  Do what you want.  I just haven't been at one before where the focus was put so strongly towards the rare sites that ban proxies altogether.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 07, 2007, 09:11:08 AM »
Touchy, touchy.  Well, this board ain't for me then.  I can't imagine what type of sites you guys are trying to access that you have to worry about all of that.  It's not something so prevalent that an entire board has to be split up into different sections because of it.  I was just curious why people on this board are so obsessed with the idea of levels when all other boards I know of consider it irrelevant.  I guess you guys are just way more concerned with what you may face 1% of the time rather than 99% of the time.  But for the people that may have been confused about all this level talk around here it doesn't matter what level your proxy is for you to be anonymous.  It just matters that the proxy is anonymous.  I guess that in the 1 in 1,000 situation you may get in where a site blocks all proxies it may matter but the rest of the time it doesn't.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 07, 2007, 06:45:35 AM »
Damn, no edit on this board.  I made a typo or two in that last reply.:(

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 07, 2007, 06:43:59 AM »
Yeah, I am that guy.  But that was when I was starting out.  I haven't used AD in years.  I use Charon and yes, it does have a point system.  But it doesn't really have levels exactly.  To me the only thing that matters with a proxy is whether it spills your IP or not?  Everything else is pointless.  In my 10 years or so of doing this I've been able to do whatever I want with an anonymous proxy regardless of its level.  But then again maybe you're using them for something different, or are just more paranoid than I am.

Proxy Questions / Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 07, 2007, 03:13:12 AM »
Everything I know about anonymous proxies tells me that levels don't mean anything.  A proxy is anonymous or it isn't, simple as that.  So why are proxies broken up by levels here?  This whole thing about levels mattering is a myth that I thought was dispelled years ago.  The proxy tools I use don't even test for levels because the authors of them knew it was irrelevant.  So that makes posting anything kind of impossible for me.  I'm certainly not going to go back to the dark ages of testing with AD, lol.

Proxy Questions / Re: Please help, got banned from my favorite forum
« on: August 07, 2007, 03:06:10 AM »
It might be smarter to simply not get banned from your "favorite" forum.

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