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Suggestions for EPS / Re: An evaluation
« on: August 17, 2007, 06:17:09 AM »
Yeah, yeah.  You need a hug or something.  Are you EVER in a good mood?

I don't recall professing intelligence.  I certainly haven't started any of my posts by saying, "First of all, I am very intelligent."

It's impossible for me to not post things while being drunk because I am almost all of the time.:)  But I'm more wasted sometimes than other times.

You seem to be looking for a method to use proxies that requires no effort from you at all.  Well, outside of some anonymity proggies that you have to pay for I don't know what you can do.  And really I don't know much about those because that is an option I've never considered.  But there are some programs available for a fee that sets up everything for you as far as being anonymous while browsing goes.  I guess just try googling for that sort of thing to see what there is.  Testing proxies and maintaining a good list of them is a time consuming process.

Proxy Questions / Re: Need about 400 good proxies daily
« on: August 15, 2007, 07:21:32 AM »
Good luck.  I haven't seen a list of 1,000 good working proxies in a long time.  Sure, you do see large lists every now and then but they are usually filled with hundreds of gateways with the same base server.  But I'm not sure why you pay for them.  Finding them isn't tremendously difficult.

I don't know if you use Firefox or not as your browser.  If you don't I highly recommend that you do as it is much better than IE in every way imo.  It's faster, more secure, and has lots of extra features you can add.  I went through and looked at the security extensions that can be added by looking for anything that said something about proxies and/or being anonymous.  I found a whole lot of them:

Code: [Select]

So perhaps you can try messing with these and see if you find one that does what you want it to do.  I have not used any of them so I don't know how good they are.  But there are tons of different things that can be added to Firefox for doing all sorts of things.  Here is the base page for Firefox add-ons.:

Hope this helps.

Most proxies are pretty slow.  I rarely ever browse sites with them unless I really need to for whatever reason and I never try downloading a large file or watching streaming video with them.  I don't know anything about the program you're talking about because I've never used it.  But I just wanted to let you know that when using anonymous proxies you should turn off java and active x because those are insecure and will pass on information about you even if the proxy doesn't.  That program you're using might do that automatically for you or it might not, I don't know.  The problem with this though is that some sites will then be virtually unusable if you turn those things off.  Some proxies are faster than others.  Finding one that does all the things you want it to do at a good speed might be tough.  Making it worse is that this is a bad time for proxies in general.  A few years ago I was able to put together lists of more than a thousand even after filtering out all gateways that had the same base servers.  But lately 200-300 seems to be all I can get.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 12, 2007, 08:39:30 AM »
Wow, speaking of securibox not being around anymore I just found out that has closed down.  I didn't know that was even being considered.  What a shame.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 12, 2007, 07:34:03 AM »
Well, I'll go ahead and take your word on it then.  I wish I hadn't of missed that discussion though.  It's really terrible that Securibox isn't around anymore. :(

Suggestions for EPS / Re: An evaluation
« on: August 12, 2007, 07:06:49 AM »
What point did I miss?  The point I saw was that you made a mistake on a presumption you made before fully exploring the facts, same as I did.  I found that to be ironic, simple as that.  And yeah, I guess I was looking for revenge but you seem to have a vendetta on humanity judging by how quick you are to get nasty with EVERYONE.  As far as I'm concerned this can end because several days have passed and I'm not really pissed anymore.  But it would be nice if you'd chill out and have a little more patience with people.

Suggestion for Site / Re: Edit button
« on: August 10, 2007, 01:26:04 PM »
Sorry, users can't edit the post here.

I'm wondering why that is.  I can understand why you wouldn't want people editing their posts after they have been replied to but why not make it so someone can edit beforehand?

Suggestions for EPS / Re: An evaluation
« on: August 10, 2007, 01:11:48 PM »
Heh heh, apparently I wasn't the only one to make comments about the board or programs it endorses before fully checking things out.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 09, 2007, 02:50:49 PM »
OK, your assertion that a level 1 proxy can spill one's IP peaked my interest enough so that I went searching for information.  I didn't find a whole lot as I didn't dedicate an enormous amount of time to it but I did find this:

"I have to disagree with you BG. I went through PJ 2.35 source code long ago, but as far as I remember, an anon 1 / 2 proxy CANNOT spill your ip. The definitions of 1&2 maybe bullshit, as is the case with how 3,4,5 levels are assigned, but this is a fact imho."



I find him to be a very trustworthy source of information.  Granted, he said that more than 5 years ago as the post is from early 2002.  I admit that I don't know if he has changed his mind about it since then.  The interesting thing is that it is from a thread that you started and replied in several times, ironically enough.  So I know you've had to of seen this quote before.  And since you have then I take it that you disagree with him or are going on newer information.  I've personally not seen the issue resolved.  I've seen credible people from both sides of the fence argue for and against it.  But really, if you know for absolutely certain that a level 1 proxy can spill one’s IP I am genuinely interested in that because the issue remains unresolved for me.  If it's been confirmed 100% then it is information I missed.  But in my own personal experience I haven't yet witnessed one spill ( But it’s not like I go checking all the time either. ).

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 09, 2007, 01:30:56 PM »
That's a rumor I've heard here and there but I've seen conflicting opinions about it.  Until someone shows me a level 1 that spills I'm not going to take it as fact.  You got one handy?  I have personally seen low levels ones spill but most of them don't.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 09, 2007, 08:20:31 AM »
But I agree with you that the things I said in this thread are terrible.  I've gone back a few times and reread what I typed and keep asking myself, "Why did you say that?  Why did you word that like that?  What the hell kind of answer was that?"  Case in point:

"So that makes posting anything kind of impossible for me."

I think that was probably the dumbest thing I said and makes me shake my head more than anything else.  I should have said, "I'm not sure what score in Charon translates to level 1 and what score translates to level 2 and I can't post until I find that out."


"Everything I know about anonymous proxies tells me that levels don't mean anything."

Not true because I happen to know that in some instances a level 5 can spill your IP so I don't know why in the hell I said that.  This more than anything else had to be Anheuser-Busch speaking because it sure as hell wasn't me.


"The proxy tools I use don't even test for levels because the authors of them knew it was irrelevant."

Bah!  Now I'm trying to speak for other people.  They are mostly irrelevant for hacking/cracking porn but they aren't irrelevant for everything.  But for whatever reason the cracking part was the only thing I was thinking about at that moment.

So yeah, I gave you plenty of ammunition to use against me and I guess I had a bit of a lecture coming.  But your barrage of insults weren't helping anything and they were over the line.  At the time I wasn't sure why in the hell you were so pissed off.  But once you dropped the Lorissa name everything became sparkling clear.  You've always been someone who gets rude as hell with someone the moment you see an opportunity to do so.  I don't doubt that you're smart and know your shit but at some point I think you convinced yourself that being smart and being a smartass are synonymous.  Well, they aren't, or shouldn't be at least.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 09, 2007, 06:52:03 AM »
Or they can go around from board to board, do a post search for the name lorissa, and see who is consistently an asshat everywhere she goes.  I am guilty for starting a less than stellar thread.  It ain't the first time and probably won't be the last.  But you are infamous for your fuck-ups.  You've probably been banned or pressured out of more boards than I've even bothered registering to.  It was hilarious how you wrote, "AKA lorissa."  I guess you thought that would make me ooh and ahh.  Instead I laughed out loud.  And I fail to see what "knowledge" you shared in here.  Other than multiple paragraphs of insults the only thing you said was that there are some sites that ban proxies.  Good-golly-gee, that was illuminating.

Proxy Questions / Re: Why is so much made about proxy levels here?
« on: August 08, 2007, 05:34:12 PM »
Damned typos.:(

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