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Do you know of any VPN or Socks based proxy that gives you an IP address based in Africa, Asia, South America… India, China, Russia?

Proxy Questions / Which proxy is the best? And why?
« on: January 13, 2010, 07:21:34 AM »
Which proxy is the best? And why?

1.) What in your oppinion is the best ( safe, fast etc.) proxy out there. There are so many, it's really hard to choose. Are there all more or less the same? Are some better than others? What should I look for?

2.) What is the difference between an open proxy and a web based proxy regarding speed, safety, which is better?

3.) What proxy software is best? Or does it matter at all?
Glype, SSL , PHProxy 0.5, SSL , CGIProxy, SSL , Unknown, SSL, CGIProxy , any other?

4.) What is the best proxy to use for security when paying bills online and what is the best proxy for business email ( we send customer details addresses etc., dates of travel, airline bookings back and forth ) ? Is it also safe/invisible to others in hotels, airports on cruise ship …WiFi or other connection?

5.) Is personal VPN a better solution ? What are the best ones? Prices?

6.) I have tried hide IP platinum ( slow ) and anchorfree is this in your oppinion a good service for security for paying bills, anonimity when browsing ?

7.) Will using a proxy make problems for email delivery? Will it make some emails nondeliverable or stuck in junk filters?  Is this a possibility?

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