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Proxy Site Report / Read this before you post
« on: November 21, 2005, 11:20:56 PM »
Before you report the site, make sure that:

1) It is not already included in the latest FPL leech list:

2) You have searched in our forum and no one yet reported it.

For advanced users, these topics may be useful:

The format of FPL leech list

The relationship between forumlist and customlist

Forum Proxy Leecher / How to scan the second page of the forums
« on: November 17, 2005, 04:02:40 AM »
FPL only scan the first page of the forum which contains fresh proxies.

If you want to scan the second page in the forum, you should add a new line in the FPL forum list. You can just copy the line used to scan the first page and replace the forum link with the link of the second page.

If you don't know the FPL Forums List format, please refer to this topic first:
How to add new forums to FPL list

For example, you want to scan the second page of the forum "Anonymous HTTP proxies on standard ports" ( and you already have this line for FPL to scan it.
Code: [Select]|showtopic|0

Now you can just add a new line to scan the second page of the that forum:
Code: [Select]|showtopic|0

You maybe have a problem, where do you find the url ""?
It comes from the page link, which you can from here:
Code: [Select]
2 Pages  1 2 >

The link of the number "2" should be like this: " &sort_by=Z-A&sort_key=last_post&topicfilter=all&st=50"

You can just use it as forum link, but I find that "" goes to the same page:)

Forum Proxy Leecher / The format of FPL leech list
« on: November 16, 2005, 11:01:43 PM »
Link Format

Every line of FPL list should follow this format:

Code: [Select]
forum link|topic link characteristic|whether scan accessory|accessory link characteristic
Any Line without a header of "http://" will be ignored, so you can add remarks as you like in the FPL list.
But I usually begin my remark with a header of "#".

Forum Link

There are usually many forums in the one site, but only a few of them contain topics with proxies.
For example, there are many forums in, but there are only 4 of them contain proxies:

Code: [Select]
Anonymous HTTP proxies on standard ports
Anonymous HTTP proxies on non-standard ports
IRC proxies
Transparent (non-anonymous) HTTP proxies

Now let look at the url of those forums:
Code: [Select]

You will find that "s=03a8aebe5a0441aee09ad62b324e53b9" will change every time your enter aliveproxy forums. But you can easily find that actually these forums have fixed urls(Forum Link):
Code: [Select]

Topic Link Characteristic

Now let's enter the forum "Anonymous HTTP proxies on standard ports" (showforum=9). There are too many links in the page, some of them link to topics that we need scanning, others do not. We should tell FPL which links it should follow.

Now let's look at url of the topics:
Code: [Select]

Now you should know the characteristic that the topic links differ from other links:
Code: [Select]
showtopicHowever you can also use "showtopic=" or "?showtopic=" or "index.php?showtopic=".

Whether Scan Accessory

1: Scan accessories, you should provide the "Accessory Link Characteristic".
0: Do not scan accessories.

Accessory Link Characteristic

Now let's login proxyblind forum "HTTP Transparent (Non-Anonymous) Proxy List" ( You can open some topics to find the accessory link. I list some accessory links below:
Code: [Select]

Now you should know the characteristic that the accessory links differ from other links:
Code: [Select]
download.phpHowever you can also use "download" or "download.php?id=".
Remember to set "Whether Scan Accessory" to "1" if you want to scan accessories.

Now let's construct the list lines.

Code: [Select]|showtopic|0|showtopic|0|showtopic|0|showtopic|0

Code: [Select]|viewtopic.php|1|download.php

Forum Proxy Leecher / FPL Default Leech List
« on: October 08, 2005, 08:59:20 AM »
Please download the latest leech list at:

We suggest all the FPL users don't run FPL more than once a day, which will cause much load to the proxy sites. Only the proxy sites run well, can you get more and more fresh proxies.

FPL leech list sample:

Code: [Select]
# FPL Forum List (2009-02-10)
# Format: forum link|topic link characteristic|whether scan attachment|attachment link characteristic
# FPL 1.05 can read the comments begined with "##"

# If you are not familar with the FPL Formal List format, please refer to this topic first:
# How to add new forums to FPL list:

# If you know other proxy sites, please share them with us at
# About the ranks, please refer to our Leech List Statistics Report:

## Rank 1, Forum, Proxies, Need scanning attachments|showtopic=|1|act=Attach

## Rank 2, Non-forum, Proxy list

## Rank 3, Non-forum, Proxy List

## Rank 4, Non-forum, Proxy list

## Rank 5, Non-forum, Full Proxy Lists|proxylist_full_|0

## Rank 6, Forum, Proxy list|showthread.php?t|0

## Rank 7, Forum, Anonymous Proxy Lists|showthread|0

## Rank 8, Non-forum, http proxy list|txt|0

## Rank 9, Non-forum, Anonymitychecker (Page1 - Page8)|page|0

## Rank 10, Non-forum, The latest 50 articles of anonymous proxies|/view/|0

## Rank 11, Non-forum, Proxy Lists (7 pages)|proxy-|0

## Rank 12, Forum, HTTP Anonymous Proxy Server Lists|viewtopic.php?t=|0

## Rank 13, Non-forum, Anonymous Proxy Lists|t=|1

## Rank 14, Non-forum, Proxy list

## Rank 15, Forum, Anonymous Proxy Lists|viewthread.php?thread_id=|0

## Rank 16, Non-forum, Proxy list

## Rank 17, Non-forum, Proxy list ~ Fresh Proxies ~

## Rank 18, Non-forum, Daily Proxy lists|.html|0

## Rank 19, Forum, Anonymous HTTP Proxies, need login|viewtopic|0

## Rank 20, Non-forum, Http high anonymous proxy list

## Rank 21, Forum, Anonymous HTTP proxies|/forums/t/|0

## Rank 22, Non-forum, Free proxy list|page=|0

## Rank 23, Non-forum, HTTP Proxy Server Lists|page=|0

## Rank 24, Non-forum, All working proxies

## Rank 25, Non-forum, Proxy List (Page 1~5)|page|0

## Rank 26, Non-forum, Proxy List

## Rank 27, Forum, Anonymous Proxy Lists|&t=|0

## Rank 28, Non-forum, Transparent proxies

## Rank 29, Non-forum, Daily proxy lists|dailiip|0

## Rank 30, Non-forum, Proxy list

## Rank 31, Non-forum, Proxy list

## Rank 32, Non-forum, This list is updated every 15 minutes.

## Rank 33, Non-forum, Proxy lists|index.php?start=|0

## Rank 34, Non-forum, Http proxy (10 pages), College proxy (2 pages)|proxy|0

## Rank 35, Non-forum, Proxy list|html|0

## Rank 36, Non-forum, Proxy List / Anonymous (update every hour)|pl|0

## Rank 37, Forum, Transparent proxies, need login|viewtopic|0

## Rank 38, Non-forum, High anonymous proxies, anonymous proxies and transparent proxies|proxies.php|0

## Rank 39, Non-forum, PROXY LIST (Page 1~10)|page|0

## Rank 40, Non-forum, Different anonymities of proxies (8 pages)|proxy|0

## Rank 41, Non-forum, AnonProxys (Page 1~5)|page|0

## Rank 42, Non-forum, New inserted proxies|pag=|0

## Rank 43, Non-forum, Anonymous Proxy Lists|lista_proxys_anonimos/|0

My-Proxy News / Forum Proxy Leecher 1.03 is released
« on: September 27, 2005, 08:41:35 AM »
What's FPL?
Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract from different types of forums even if the proxies are in the accessory. It also supports all kinds of non-forum proxy sites such as proxy4free and proxz.

Moreover, it's nice that FPL team maintains the leech list for you and FPL proxy tester module(Bleach) is specially designed for huge list. It can rapidly extract the unique proxies and classify them into 3 levels according to their anonymity.

Who need FPL?
If you often need a great amount of fresh proxies, you will probably need it. If you bug proxies from other people, you should try FPL, and perhaps you will eventually be a proxy list seller.

Why do you need FPL?
We all know that the proxy forums is the best place to gain fresh proxies. But it ofen takes too much time (more than 50 minutes for 10 forums) to read the new topics and download the accessories.

Now FPL will do the boring work for you. It can automatically extract all the fresh proxies for you and test it. It is fast, stable and easy to use.

How to get FPL?
You can download the FPL from here.
Click here if you want to buy the formal version.

How to use FPL?
If you have problem to use FPL, please follow this link:
Forum Proxy Leecher online help document

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