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The world of proxies can be a very confusing place. Those sites you go to and type in the web address will work to a certain degree but will not always do what you want them to or will restrict what your trying to do. Your other method of using a proxy in your browser by changing your connection settings will work but the biggest problem is that you have to have a good WORKING proxy. Proxies die quickly. There are different kinds of them as well. In order to find a working proxy you have to test it to see if its working. I use proxies and will tests thousands of them and only find a hundred or so that are working. There are programs that many of us use that tests them for working proxies such as anonymous, socks, transparent etc. You use specific types of proxies for different things. Anyway, you can test a proxy to see if its working by trying one of these sites you can Google.
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Since you are fairly new to computers I don't think learning how all these programs work to test them would be good for you now. You just need to find a few working ones and these sites should tell you if its working or not.

You other option and probably the best is to use 3rd party software to accomplish what you want. These programs route your internent traffic thru different overseas servers to mask your ip. Because of this system they will inherently make your surfing slower. I've used these in the past for specific sites or tasks and they worked well. You can simply turn these on and off. Here are a couple that you can check. I am not recommending any of them but it may at least get you started. I would look for other free programs as well.

This is the only one I am familiar with and have it installed on my computer. Why? Its FREE lol. Its called JAP 
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The 2 below you have to purchase. One has a free trial, I'm not sure about the other. A free trial would be the way to go to see if its what you need.

There are other programs that do the same thing so these are just examples. I do no that Anonymizer has been around a very long time and I've never heard anything bad about it.

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Lastly I would do a Google search (or use your favorite search engine) and try finding more info and other programs. Try "anonymous ip programs" or better yet "free anonymous ip programs", you can search using just simple questions like "how to hide ip" and you get this
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Hope some of this helps. Good luck

General Chat / Re: What do you use for search in the Internet?
« on: September 27, 2006, 09:54:37 AM »
Primarily Google but also Dogpile which is a compilation of all the different search engines, google, yahoo, msn and Ask for some of them.  ;)

General Chat / Just a Hello
« on: September 27, 2006, 09:50:47 AM »
Thanks for letting me in. This looks like a very nice forum and I hope to be able to make some contributions along the way.

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