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Socks Proxy Checker / It still shows my real IP
« on: March 24, 2011, 10:25:44 PM »
Hello, Terry.

I really like the potential of your program.
However, either I'm doing something wrong, or it ain't workin' !

I downloaded the free Socks version.
Installed the Add-on to use with Firefox.
Downloaded some Socks proxies.
Tested them...  found some good ones.
I set one of 'em ( as the current active proxy.

Your IP Checker at
tells me that my IP is

The IP Checker at
Code: [Select] me that my IP is
Cool.  I think I'm anonymous.

However, the Cloakfish IP checker at
Code: [Select] me...
"Your IP is (leaked ip=999.8.7.6), no proxy can be detected"
That 999.8.7.6 Is My REAL IP !  OK, not Really, but you know what I mean.
Thus,...  I am NOT anonymous.

The lower right corner of Firefox says I'm on the proxy.

What am I doing wrong ?



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