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Proxy Site Report / Current Leech List no good
« on: November 15, 2010, 06:00:17 PM »
I am having a lot of problems with the current leech list (Nov 15 2010)
FPL Forum List (2010-11-15)

out of the list there are a lot of sites that require a login / password
before it will let you see the list for example
Code: [Select]
Then there are sites like and
that are not even working and just  go to some landing page and isn't even
a proxy site? why are these even in there????

You need to have a login / password before you can get anything from the
site so when you go to leech from there you get 0 proxies leeched. There seems
to be a lot of sites like that in the current forumlist.txt why are these
there if we can't get the proxies from it with out a login / password
and how do you make it so that FPL can log a person in and then
start leeching???

Here is my list from the current forumlist.txt where you get 0 proxies leeched
really  in my opinion these sites should be removed.

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