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Proxy Questions / Is this possible ??
« on: July 17, 2011, 05:50:29 AM »
i have a question i want to use proxy
but i am scared that the owner of the proxyserver will steal my ID and PW of the game i play

it is about this site:
Code: [Select]
So my question is, is it possible that somebody see my ID and PW through a proxy?

Thank you for Help !!

Proxy Questions / Re: use proxy to bypass my game IP limit
« on: July 15, 2011, 02:08:39 AM »
(sorry for double post)

this is the info found on theire site:

1 Proxy
Price   Daily
Limit **   Monthly
Price   Tariff
Names   Quantity
Per Month *
0.13$   5   $20   Daily 5   150
0.11$   10   $35   Daily 10   300
0.08$   20   $50   Daily 20   600
0.07$   30   $65   Daily 30   900
0.06$   50   $95   Daily 50   1500
1 Proxy
Price   Monthly
Price   Tariff
Names   Quantity
Per Month *
0.50$   $9.95   Per Use 1   20
0.30$   $15   Per Use 2   50
0.25$   $20   Per Use 3   80
0.15$   $29.95   Per Use 4   200
0.14$   $49   Per Use 350   350
0.13$   $65   Per Use 5   500
0.12$   $120   Per Use 6   1000
* Quantity of proxy servers included into a monthly payment.
** Limit of proxy servers you can use per 24h
*** The rates provide a moneyback option for proxy servers that got out of order during the operation

i dont understand it very good :S

Proxy Questions / Re: use proxy to bypass my game IP limit
« on: July 15, 2011, 02:04:40 AM »
Thanks So much :D

this seems to me that it is a good one

(recommended for private socks) is one of the earliest socks proxy vendor. Their socks proxies are expensive because their socks are private socks (you need to enter username and passord to use). They can control their socks proxies so they can provide exclusive socks proxies.

Click here to buy socks proxy from 5socks.

Working Socks   Price
5 daily   $20/month
10 daily   $35/month
20 daily   $50/month
30 daily   $65/month
50 daily   $95/month
(i dont know if i am allowed to post there site on it so i made it 6x X)

but i got some questions about it:

1. if i buy 5 proxy's from them for 20$, i am the only person able to use those 5 proxy's?
2. i will let this game on 24/7 to earn ALOT of $ with it, but does those 5 proxy's change or are they always the same (because it says: 5 Daily)
3. So when i buy 5 proxies from them, i am able to use 5 proxies for one whole month?

(maybe my questions are weird but i dont know much about proxies)

Proxy Questions / use proxy to bypass my game IP limit
« on: July 14, 2011, 04:15:41 PM »
hey everybody i am new to this forum, i came here because i have a problem

i play a game (Silkroad online) but this game has an IP limit of 5, i want to login 24 accounts on 1 computer
so what i need is something that makes me possible to go online with 24 accounts

i am willing to pay for it, and i need private proxy's

So can anybody please tell me a good site where they sell proxy's that i can use

Thank you SOOO much

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