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Proxy Questions / Proxy experts and proxy expert/Nikita fans needed!
« on: October 10, 2011, 08:37:12 AM »

We (Nikita fans) need to be able to watch ?Nikita? on CW (

I tried a few proxies but video never works, it is just black box (oh?) but without all that ?not in ur country? crap (i am in Serbia ATM, in Europe). I read on internet that some websites with videos need some special proxies that have some video code so you can watch videos.

I dont know if CW would count views on their site now, a few days after episode aired, but that in 2nd step to find out that?.. 1st thing is to be able to watch.

PLEASE if someone knows how to enable videos on CW site, do contact me.

Also, u can add me on Skype: jasna88.12, or my email:

It is URGENT! Like ambulance shooting through the city with light and siren blaring. That URGENT.

Please, please, PLEASE HELP us!

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