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Proxy Questions / socks proxy help (2)
« on: July 27, 2007, 12:30:29 PM »
hello all!

Let's make this clear: i read all the tutorials on this side, sockscap and others. Also did i read very carefully  the previous topic's which handled questions about how to use socks5.
Although i tried a lot on myself i can't manage essential problems. Let me explain step by step what i did:
1. got socks with "ASR stocks finder" in a txt-file
2. i opened this file in "New test stocks5". I tested the stocks so i got active ones.
3. next i opened "sockscap 2.40" and read carefully the tutorial of it, which was posted elswhere in this   forum.

NOW the problems arises:

3a. when i 'run socksified!' firefox i got this message: connection was reïnitialised ... So i didnt have a internet connection.
3b. I improvised. I changed my LAN & firefox connection settings with the same proxy-ip. Closed all my browsers again and started "sockscap" again.
3c. I got the same message as in 3a. Also when i socksify firefox, this browser changes automaticly to DIRECT CONNECTION . Although i searched for a solution of this (i.e. save settings) nothing worked. Whenever i tried a proxy my browser connection settings changes automaticly all the time.

1. Where and what did i wrong?
2. How to store my manually adjusted connection settings of my firefox browser
3. Any other usefull suggestions??

Thanks in advance!

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