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Forum Proxy Leecher / How to fix these links?
« on: February 28, 2006, 02:14:07 AM »
Thank you very much Terry.
You are a great guy.  :D

Forum Proxy Leecher / How to fix these links?
« on: February 27, 2006, 09:46:45 AM »
Quote from: "Terry"
Please note that all the proxies in the pages of Xroxy are in picture, which can't be read by FPL...
Please download the latest leech list here:

I have download your list Terry but you didnt include this links in your list. I dont know how to set this links so that your leecher can leech it.
I use your leecher to test only anonymous proxy sites. You have in your list mix of transparent, anonymous and other proxie links.
My personal list have got only anonymous proxy links. I have checked your old list and found this anonymous proxy links than doesnt work any more in your new leecher.
The links are not dead. They work if i run them in internet explorer.
You probably just need to set different characteristic at the end of the link (read.php,
tid= ,viewtopic., page, html, rss, or something like this).
You have helped me once and i thought that you can do it again.

Code: [Select]|html|0|html|0|html|0|viewtopic.|0|proxy-list-1-|0|proxy-list-2-|0|proxy-list-3-|0|proxy-list-4-|0

Proxy Site Report / Proxy links (need some fixing)
« on: February 23, 2006, 10:35:27 AM »
I have taken out this proxy links from your old forumlists + i have add some new links.
Can you fix this old links so that FPL can leech it again?
Code: [Select]|viewtopic|0|html|0|html|0|html|0|viewtopic.|0|proxy-list-1-|0|proxy-list-2-|0|proxy-list-3-|0|proxy-list-4-|0

Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to make leecher that will be also able to read pictures?

Thanks for replay.

You have said  this:

Sorry FPL doesn't know which proxy is anonymous before it get and test it.

I know that but if i can find url link with only anonymous proxies than leecher could leech everything on that page.

This are all pages inside that have got only anonymous proxies.
Just klick on the link and you will see.

Code: [Select]

You see only anonymous proxies also if you type this link:
Code: [Select]

Your leecher can leech anonymous proxies from sites like this 3:

Code: [Select]

but it cannot leech from sites with anonymous proxies (the sites that i have typed above).

Can you set leecher to leech anonymous proxy pages from

I have nocited that you put at the end of url link in forumlist some words.
What are thay mean. Thay probably tell leecher to scan all page or something like this. I dont know. Can you explain. How can i know which words must i put at the end of the line if i find some proxy link and i want to use it?

I mean this marks and words in red:

"|rss|0" has got many proxies. Can you make a link that can leech only anonymous proxies?
I think that your link rss|0 leach all proxies.

Forum Proxy Leecher / Difference between strict and normal method
« on: November 22, 2005, 12:56:59 PM »
Can you explain me difference between strict and normal mode in advanced settings?

First i have tried normal mode and i have got 6210 anonymous level (1 level!). I know that this cannot be true because i normaly get  from 300-700 anonymous proxies when i use 5000-7000 proxylist.
I have tested this 6210 anonymous proxies again with different tool (Atomatic proxy leecher - APL) and i have used the same provyjudge. From 6210 "anonymos proxies" i have got 276 anonymos proxies.

I have leeched again with your leecher but this time i have used strict metod when i was testing proxies. The result was now similiar to APL.

I would like to know more about this to metods (strict, normal). How do they work? Can you speed up strict metod in the future? APL is very fast tester.
I know that primary function of your tool is searching for proxies but it will be great if the tests are quick and accurate.

Keep the good work.
I wish you many success.

Proxy Site Report / Some proxy sites to leech
« on: November 22, 2005, 12:29:41 PM »
Quite old list but you will still find some usefull sites.
Some sites dont work any more and some will redirect you to new sites.
I have sorted sites by name but you will still have many work with my list.

Code: [Select]

Keep the good work.
I wish you many success.

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