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Proxy Questions / appearing to be from one country: possible?
« on: November 07, 2010, 08:03:45 AM »

I live abroad and would like to access certain websites and communities in my home country Germany. Lately it happens more and more often that websites run an IP check and send me either to an international version of that site, or to one in the language of the country where I live. That's really annoying as they very often don't have the possibility of chosing the language I prefer and because communities are strickly divided, meaning I cannot interact with my friends anymore. Furthermore, I have a big pile of coupons from an online music store I cannot even create an account at.

So I thought: maybe a proxy might help. Btw, I am not a techie, so many I am looking at the wrong solution. I want to appear to those sites as if I'm living in Germany, with a German IP. But all German proxies I tried so far were so slow that surfing, let alone participating in a community, or an IP checker showed me as living all over the place but not in Germany.  >:(

Is there a solution to my problem? Are there proxies that give the impression of me being in a certain country and with which I can still move around the net or is there a better way to solve this problem in an easy way?

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