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Proxy Questions / elite proxies blocked in my country
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:55:39 PM »
hello everyone 
i have to use 60 elite proxies at different hours of the day on my telegram messanger
but this 60 proxy blocked by dpi in my country 
(60 elite proxy from public proxy sites - These 60 proxies are not fixed and change every day) 
The only solution that i could find for this problem is : 
laptop --> connect to vpn --> share vpn connection to my android phone using laptop access point --> connect to proxy 
(something like this proxy through vpn  ;D
But this method dramatically reduces the connection speed to proxies 
for example 100ms to 200ms speed 
And the telegram will connect with a delay of 40 seconds 
Does anyone have a better idea to unblock proxies in my country and And proxies work at their true speed? 
** i am sorry for my bad english language - I am from a third world country 

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