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Title: How to protect my home computers ?
Post by: mom243 on December 06, 2007, 08:27:12 AM
OK so I'm new to the proxy - anonymous thing.   my credit card was attacked but luckily they covered the charges somehow knowing i did not make the purchases.   I don't think I've ever used it anywhere but online (and not very often)  So i started searching for hiding my computer.... brought me to your forum :)  (and a few others as well.)   Some of your suggestions seems simple such as this free program  but upon reading i was wondering if that hides your computer ?

I saw lots of info on something called Tor and wanted some input. 
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It seemed simple enough that i could figure out how to set it all up. 

Next question is ........  ???  ...... if i configure our main computer (where cable comes into modem) will that block all of our wireless computers (3) or do they all need set up separately?     Or is there some way to configure the modem and router and eliminate the programs all together?

It has to be something simple that i can just set n forget. my kids run the 3 other computers in the house and i get tired of just doing the clean up's on them all the time, yet alone having to enter a new proxy or whatever.   

Can ya tell I'm not a computer geek.  ::)

Thanks for any input.
Title: Re: Tor - vadalia Bundle ?
Post by: katmando on December 06, 2007, 11:07:48 AM
Well, your first objective should be in learning what you need to do to securely surf the net as safely as possible.  I doubt anyone here (or elsewhere) is going to be willing to spoon feed you from scratch.  So, must of this research will be squarely on your shoulders.

From what you've said, it sounds like you have a router (perhaps wireless) to each of your in-home computers.  That's fine, but each computer will need to be protected against malicious attacks.  So you will need to obtain and setup a firewall, antivirus and internet security software for each machine.  Much of this software is available for free.  Use Google's search engine to find it.

Using an anonymous proxy can hide your real IP Address, but it does not necessarily hide access to private information contained on your computer. There's a whole lot more to security and safety than simply using a proxy.  Additionally, you have no idea of the trustworthiness of the owner of a proxy or any company (or their employees) you purchase something online using your credit card with.   Evil can be around any corner.

Last, but not least, let me say that there is no easy solution to internet security.  It's work.  But most people who simply surf the net on occasion do not really need to use proxies.  What do you care that ABC company wants to know what types of sites you and your children visit?  They don't know you, they don't really care about you per se, and again, why do you care if they selling this information to other companies?  What are they going to do with this information to harm you?  Point I am making is ... many people get too paranoid about hiding their real IP Addresses when in fact there is no real reason to be.  Simply learn what information not to keep on your computers, how to setup your browser(s) properly, how to setup your antivirus program (and keep it updated) and your firewall properly and you will be more than reasonably protected ... with or without an anonymous proxy.

Although the following article is old, it still makes for some valuable reading.

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Title: Re: Tor - vadalia Bundle ?
Post by: mom243 on December 06, 2007, 12:08:13 PM
Thanks for the reply.

I do run AVG, Spybot Search n Destroy, Adaware, etc... i use atf cleaner, and Ccleaner.    We have a firewall program on our main desktop computer where the modem are router are located. 

By computer geek, i guess i meant that i did not know all the correct terminology for all the things needed when trying to hide or keep my computers addresses hidden.

So What is the point of a proxy then?
Title: Re: Tor - vadalia Bundle ?
Post by: katmando on December 06, 2007, 12:55:12 PM
People use proxies for many reasons ... some, as I stated previously, use them when there actually is no good reason to use them ... just paranoia.  Many people use them in an attempt to hack/crack porn websites and other illegal and dishonest activities like hacking into other people's email.

Try typing, "Why use a proxy" in Google's search engine and then read everything available on the subject.

Having a firewall on your main computer, by the way, does not protect the others when they are connected to the internet.  And, all those programs you mentioned would also need to be run on each computer as well ... regularly.