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Title: How to get your ex back?
Post by: JoshuaXiong on May 02, 2009, 05:46:22 PM
Well me and my ex gotten together on Easter (It all started when I told one of her friend that I liked her). Last Sunday she wanted me to come to her house very much.

Her conversation:
"hey i really want u to came...and if u come bring ur bike with u ok.......cause i love u ...and misses i call at 8 and someone answer the phone...and i told her if i can talk to u...but then she said....we dont have a named call like that......"

That day we watch "28 Weeks Later" and fed eat other with food. Then her friend's brother was having a birthday party. So we went. She told me not to be with her when she's there with her friend except to be with her brother. So I was just hanging around with her brother. Boring huh. Until I went to the hallway to find her playing piano. She asked me to play a piano song so I played. After that her friend started forcing us to kiss and hug for pictures. I didn't like it because I didn't felt it was needed to do that. I can just kiss her whenever I want. Afterward her friend asked us for a drink or beer. Everyone said "No". Then they started playing Spin the bottle. They dared my girlfriend to sit on my lap. When she came I just stood up. Later they dare her to kiss on my lips. But I just closed my lip and let her kiss me on the cheek instead while taking a pic. >.<
After that every1 left the room. And I kissed my girlfriend and gave her 2 hicki again in the dark. After that we went home and she asked me how I was and I just told her nothing but she noticed I was a bit mad and I didn't like how her friend treated me. "Do you want me to told my friend" So I said Yes. Then afterward we both hugged and kissed and said I Love You.

The next day came strange. She's just like.. all changed.
She message and told me this
"hey im going to be with someone bye....and he is my x boyfriend "

Everyday at Taekwondo, she doesn't look at me anymore nor does smile at me, or wait for me outside after ever class. All I'm just doing is act normal like I use to.

What should I do to get her back? She's look shy or doesn't want to talk to me. Everytime I try to talk to her.. she always hide behind her sister. What is the best solution to get her back?
Title: Re: How to get your ex back?
Post by: Jorge05r on May 29, 2009, 03:35:59 AM
Don't take things too seriously and don't worry about what her friend did, it was actually not a big deals. Getting mad for stupid things is very immature and girls don't like that. About her leaving you well just get over it, if she likes you she would come back, if she don't like you then you'll wish she never came back because it would have not worked out. Just ignore her and act like if you don't know her, that will make her realize and think you are over with her so it will make her want to get close to you if she still interested.
Title: Re: How to get your ex back?
Post by: JoshuaXiong on June 12, 2009, 11:52:34 AM
Ha she's always ignoring me. She act like she don't even want to look me in the face every time at Tae Kwon Do. Now what. That's like the opposite of what you said to me. And I believe it is possible to win her back.