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Title: 'Bad Requests' using proxies
Post by: iemand33 on May 02, 2007, 04:09:01 PM

This is how i come up with my proxy list:
I use FPL to leech from forums, in the end I end up with 13863 unique proxies.

Checking those with bleech 1.09 it returns 1008 (All Anonymous) proxies (most of them time out).
Then I load those into AccessDiver and do the Speed/Accuracy test.
Most of them are then labeled 'Fake (CoDeen / ProxyLab) Proxy!!!' or those "#404 received, #401 excepted" returns.
In the end, out of 13863 proxies i have about 220 usable proxies.
Not much, I think there should be more, but ok...

Then while testing, I get use amounts of '#400 Bad Requests' returns.

Somethings fishy about this, but I don't know what... why all those Bad Requests? So low usable proxies?

What am I doing wrong here? I've tried Charon v0.6 but it doesn't do any better, it just approves proxies and then accessdiver labes them as CoDeen proxies again, etc...

Help?  ;)
Title: Re: 'Bad Requests' using proxies
Post by: Terry on May 02, 2007, 09:11:17 PM
Different proxy checkers have different standards. You will get less and less proxies if you test them over and over with different software. The most correct way to test proxies is to use them in your browser.

You can try our another proxy checker: