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I am not only new to web proxies, but am new to computers, too, so I apologize in advance for all of my newbie questions. 

I would like to remain as anonymous as possible on specific forum, but they identify your IP address and then place your city and state next to all of your posts.  I don't want any information available about either me or my children, so want to prevent the city and state from being shown. 

So I have been trying to research web proxies, for hiding your IP address, etc., but I've become very confused.

I have found sites that give you an IP and Port address to put into your web browser (In IE -- Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan, select "use proxy server" and enter in an IP and Port), but each one I have tried has not let my web browser go anywhere.  It just leaves a blank browser page, or simply doesn't go anywhere, once I input the numbers into the browser options. 

Could you tell me what I am experiencing?  Am I finding "old" IP and Port numbers?  If so, is there a place you might recommend for up-to-date numbers?  I should ask, too, if that is all I need to do, or if I have left anything out.  If it's not that they are old numbers/addresses, might you know what else the problem could be?  Could you tell me what is "supposed" to be happening?

I think there may be an even bigger question that I should be asking -- am I not supposed to be just "picking" from the numbers that are listed?  (i.e., I am just going to a random list and inputing it manually.)  Is there MUCH more to it than that?  Oh goodness.  I fear I am very, very lost.  =)

The next thing I tried was the proxy sites that allow you to put the web address into their web page, and surf anonymously via that route.  But when I did that, and went to the particular forum to post, I was unable to see the "picture" of the numbers that you are supposed to input for verification purposes, when you're ready to submit your post -- i.e, when they say "please type the numbers, that you see in the image to the left, into the verification box".  (I hope I explained that well enough.)  So since I can't see the image of the numbers, I'm unable to submit my post.  I tried about 6 proxy sites that let you browse this way (via putting your desired web address into their web page), and none of them allow me to see the verification image of the numbers that need to be typed in.

So my question would be, might you know if this is the norm, and if you can't do any posting at sites that require this type of verification if you are surfing through a proxy site?  Might you know of a site that allows for that?  And, if this is the case, is there a difference between free and paid subscription sites, or is it just something that no proxy site can do?

I would also like to know, if I were to get the IP Address and Port numbers working in my web browser (from question number one above), would that also have the same problem with not being able to see the image of the verification numbers?

I would just love any advice you might have!  As the saying goes, "sometimes you don't know what you don't know", and so I really need to educate myself about these things. 

I would so appreciate any information you might have about sites that offer IP Addresses and Ports, both free and subscription, and any sites that allow you to browse through them, both free and subscription -- (that would allow the verification image to be viewable).

If there is yet another way of browsing anonymously, too, (again, that would allow the verification image to be viewable), I'd just love to know that, too.  If you could be as detailed in your description as possible, that would just mean so much to me, as I am just learning, and everything is so brand new (and I don't seem to catch on as quickly as I'd hope!).  But I'm eager to learn!  =) 

Thank you so much for your help.  I just can't tell you what it means to me.  I've come to a stopping point or a seemingly brick wall in terms of what I was able to figure out, and so I just can't tell you how thankful I am to have found this site!  Thank you for being so kind and for being there for questions such as these!

With such gratitude,



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Re: Newbie questions about web proxies, & how to post if using them
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2008, 09:50:28 AM »
The world of proxies can be a very confusing place. Those sites you go to and type in the web address will work to a certain degree but will not always do what you want them to or will restrict what your trying to do. Your other method of using a proxy in your browser by changing your connection settings will work but the biggest problem is that you have to have a good WORKING proxy. Proxies die quickly. There are different kinds of them as well. In order to find a working proxy you have to test it to see if its working. I use proxies and will tests thousands of them and only find a hundred or so that are working. There are programs that many of us use that tests them for working proxies such as anonymous, socks, transparent etc. You use specific types of proxies for different things. Anyway, you can test a proxy to see if its working by trying one of these sites you can Google.
Code: [Select]

Since you are fairly new to computers I don't think learning how all these programs work to test them would be good for you now. You just need to find a few working ones and these sites should tell you if its working or not.

You other option and probably the best is to use 3rd party software to accomplish what you want. These programs route your internent traffic thru different overseas servers to mask your ip. Because of this system they will inherently make your surfing slower. I've used these in the past for specific sites or tasks and they worked well. You can simply turn these on and off. Here are a couple that you can check. I am not recommending any of them but it may at least get you started. I would look for other free programs as well.

This is the only one I am familiar with and have it installed on my computer. Why? Its FREE lol. Its called JAP 
Code: [Select]

The 2 below you have to purchase. One has a free trial, I'm not sure about the other. A free trial would be the way to go to see if its what you need.

There are other programs that do the same thing so these are just examples. I do no that Anonymizer has been around a very long time and I've never heard anything bad about it.

Code: [Select]   (Free Trial)

Lastly I would do a Google search (or use your favorite search engine) and try finding more info and other programs. Try "anonymous ip programs" or better yet "free anonymous ip programs", you can search using just simple questions like "how to hide ip" and you get this
Code: [Select]

Hope some of this helps. Good luck


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Re: Newbie questions about web proxies, & how to post if using them
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2008, 09:19:31 PM »
You should test the proxies before using them.

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