Author Topic: My charon settings using mid-speed dsl line  (Read 5170 times)


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My charon settings using mid-speed dsl line
« on: April 15, 2008, 08:00:29 AM »
I ran a set of 280 proxies through charon several times to see which settings seemed best.  Not sure if anyone cares, but maybe this will help someone.  I'm on a mid speed dsl line, not sure of the exact speed.
My Settings:                                              Results:
threads/timeout/retry                                   Good/Bad/Timouts
30/15/0                                                      11/268/110
20/15/0                                                      9/270/114
40/15/0                                                      9/269/113
40/10/0                                                      6/272/125
40/20/0                                                      10/269/100
50/20/0                                                      9/269/104
45/20/0                                                      14/265/109
50/20/0                                                      13/266/109
30/20/0                                                      13/266/106

Gotta figure in that not all the proxies are grade A proxies so there's going to be some variation just because that's how it is, but seems to me that running 50 threads with a 20 second timeout is the best option.  (btw, I have used the xp patch to increase threads)  I kept the retries at 0 for each test because I did ran the tests all one after another.  I'm thinking it's safe to keep them at 0 since from one test to the next, it didn't show much change in the number of timeouts.  My goal with my settings is the fastest scan with the most working proxies.  A 15 sec. timeout isn't too bad, but the 10sec timeout cut my proxies in half.


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Re: My charon settings using mid-speed dsl line
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2008, 12:13:32 PM »
If you're going to run a test like this, you should start your test a list of proxies you know are anonymous.  That insures you of results you can at least rely on as being fairly accurate. 

What are your half open connections set at?  I ask because you are getting way too many timeouts.

For me the optimum setting is 20/30/2.

Do you have Charon setup to use the internal or external judge?  By default it is set to use the internal judge, which may not be good for you.

There can be many reasons why a proxy can test as dead or timeout.  One of those reasons is your proxyjudge.  Like proxies, judges can become overloaded and start spitting out erroneous data.  You should use only AZenv judges ... one reliable and accurate one is all that is necessary.  You can find a list of them at:
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Re: My charon settings using mid-speed dsl line
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2008, 10:39:12 PM »
thanks for the link katmando