Author Topic: I offer the services on dispatch of messages on forums.  (Read 3062 times)


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I offer the services on dispatch of messages on forums.
« on: June 06, 2006, 01:42:41 AM »
Hello! I offer the services on dispatch of messages on forums. My site  

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Efficiency of dispatch on forums:

    the Analysis of the existing sites subjected to procedure of registration in forums,
has shown, that 1000 backlink from forums raise PR a site from 100 up to 200 units
(depending on subjects)
   Reference ranging: 1000 references with key words from forums allow a site almost
precisely (naturally depending on subjects and a competition) to appear in the first five
in search system
   Target visitors: for the first week your announcement will read about 25-30 person at
each forum. For all time of existence of the announcement of it will see 100-200 person
(depending on attendance of a forum).

Practice shows, that dispatch on 1000 forums gives 150 unique, interested in the promoted
goods or service of visitors every day in the first week after dispatch. Then the amount of
visitors is reduced up to 50-100 hosts in day.

Email me

Opportunities of posting:

• Registration at a forum with editing a profile of the user
• Dispatch on the forums supporting a guest input
• Notices on e-mail about answers at a forum or private messages
• the Opportunity of registration without posting (increases PR Google)

On the ending of dispatch you receive the report on the done work - direct references to
your announcement.

Write to me on

The prices for mass dispatch on forums:

2)1000 forums - $35/1000
3)4000-6000 forums - $33/1000
4)7000-9000 forums - $31/1000
5)10000-13000 forums - $30/1000
5)20000 forums and more - $20/1000

Total of Russian forums - 45.000
Amount of English-speaking forums - 70.000

Upon end of dispatch the full report - direct references to your announcement is given.

UNIQUE software for dispatch on forums - 1500$. Bypasses all protection, all is

Email me