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Here is the perfect security setup
« on: April 13, 2010, 08:30:58 AM »
It will take you LESS than 1 hour to do the below. 1 hour of your life might forever help you
stay truly anonymous on the Internet.
Why let governments see what you write? Maybe you are politically active and it's dangerous
for you (now or in the FUTURE) to be politically active.
Maybe you live abroad and what you do there is illegal, but not in your home country, or vice
versa. Should THAT prevent you from doing what you wanna do?
How about when you use your credit card? Bank account details on-line?
Playing at online casinos or betting sites? No one else's business what you do on-line.
Afraid important work you do on the computer might dissapear due to Trojans, virus etc?
Take 1 hour of your life and do the following. It might just pay off! :)
If you don't have 1 hour of free time today then at least use a proxy for now.
At the end of this text document you will find a list of free web based proxy servers that works

By ??? ;)


How to setup YOUR perfect Internet/pc security:

I take it for granted you already use obvious things such as a Windows login password and
possibly even a "BIOS password" of some kind that's needed when your computer starts, so I'm not
gonna mention that here. Nor am I gonna mention to you that Mozilla Firefox is far more secure
to use than Internet Explorer.
Below however are a list of 9 easy-to-perform-but-extremely-efficient-things to do in order for
you to ensure MAXIMUM PROTECTION for you while you surf the internet and/or use your pc in an
off-line mode:

1. Install KeyScrambler Professional version 2.6 or higher.
What this program does is it prevents anyone from seeing what you type on your computer by
encrypting what you write in REAL-TIME!
Examples given: when you surf the Internet, use Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Win zip passwords, Word or
text documents etc.
Instead of LEA reading what you just wrote (my password is 12345) all they will see is
Zz7*HXkxxss3, which doesn't mean anything, it's just TOTAL RANDOM nonsense that cannot be
DE-crypted by anyone.

LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies, such as the F B I etc) can install so called key loggers on
people computers in order to find out passwords, communications etc between people.
NOTE: doing this has been declared LEGAL for them to do!

Read more at:
Code: [Select] (FBI use of key-logger software declared legal) (Feds use key logger to thwart PGP, Hushmail)

VERY interesting reading about PGP/encryption and how the FBI used key loggers to snare
reputed mobster Nicodemo Scarfo in 1999:
Code: [Select]

2. Use Nod32 ESET Smart Security (Firewall+Anti-virus) version 4 or higher.
Configure your Firewall like this:

In the Nod32 menu click setup, personal firewall.
Choose "interactive filtering mode".
Do NOT choose auto mode, it does not truly prevent you from attacks, snooping etc.
Run the LeakTest program (very simple but spot on tool to see if your firewall is configured

3. Install Mask Surf Professional version 2.1 or higher.
What this program does is works as a chain of proxies to fully ensure that you are surfing
the Internet 100% safe (or as safe as things will ever get).
Instead of you connecting from your pc to a site on the Internet, say example given: and the server administrator at that site can see 1 Your IP number, 2 What
language you are using on your pc 3 What Operating System you use etc etc, and if needed will
give out all information about what you did at the site, all that can be seen is someone
connecting from, say, Turkey. If anyone wants to know who went to the above website they must
get legal permissions to get that info from Turkey. But....before you connected via Turkey you
actually connected via another proxy in Germany, and before that another proxy is Egypt etc.
As you can see, it is not very likely anyone will ever really figure out who YOU are.
This program also allows you to make it appear as if you are using Linux or Mac, rather than
Windows, or if you are using Windows 7, maybe you want it to look like you are using Win XP.
Maybe you want it to look like your default language is Russian and not English etc.
If so, this program can also help you with that ;)
You can also configure Mask Surf so that it changes your proxy setup and location say every
10 minutes or so.

4. After you have done all the above mentioned things, it's time to test just exactly HOW secure
and anonymous you REALLY are.
There are a few ways to check this.
Visit the below web pages to find out yourself:

Code: [Select] (checks "political threat", IP, ISP logging etc) (checks IP, OS, language etc) (tests your firewall) (tests your firewall)

5. Install PGP Desktop Professional version 10 or higher.
PGP let's you EN-crypt emails, text files, or ANY kind of files, making it 100% unbreakable to
ANYONE (including LEA such as the F B I).
Make sure you choose a key that is at LEAST 2048 bits. Preferably choose a 4096 key for
maximum protection.
Don't forget to choose a pass-phrase and not a password.
A password might look like imfromthestates and a pass-phrase might look like

PGP home pages and related web pages:
Code: [Select]

Your pass-phrase should be at LEAST 20 characters or more, preferably 100 characters or more.
It should be a pass-phrase that you must NEVER EVER write down anywhere. You have to MEMORIZE
it to the extent that you will ALWAYS remember it, even in your sleep ;)

6. Install Privacy Eraser Professional version 8 or higher.
What this program does is it allows you to get rid of all your web browsing history, previously
used/viewd files, cookies etc in just a few clicks.
It also allows you to SECURELY delete files and wipe free on your pc.
What does wipe free space mean?
As deletion is not secure enough, anyone can recover almost any file you ever deleted.
When wiping a file you cannot guaranty you can wipe all temporary data or previously deleted
files. To ensure your files are deleted totally you should wipe the free space of your hard disk

7. Install Window Washer version 2 or higher.
Window Washer does the same (basically) as # 6 - Privacy Eraser, but it can be good to have both
programs installed on the computer.

8. Install Security Task Manager + Spy Protector version 1.5 or higher.
Taskmanager helps you keep a much better track on whats going on when you use your pc.
The Spy Protector prevents the computer registry to be changed without you knowing when, how
and why.
The Spy protector can also be used to prevent recording of user activities (Macro), mouse
activities, preventing recording of starting and closing a program etc.
The Spy Protector is very easy to use and kinda works silent in the background for you.

9. Sign up for an anonymous Email account that are based on PGP software/methods.
It also allows the use of password protected Emails.
With "anonymous" it's understood that it's simply a hell of a lot more secure and anonymous
than the most commonly used Email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc).
For 100% Email protection you have to do ALL the 9 things in this list, including installing
PGP, Mask Surf, Nod32 etc.

Visit and make sure the JAVA applet version starts in the background or else
governmental agents can "de facto" get the password from the server if they really want to and
have a Canadian court order. This has been done before as in the case where the F B I tracked
down people who sold illegal steroids using hushmail accounts.
Code: [Select] and at

For (overzealous) M A X I M U M web surfing and pc protection, do all of the above and every
time you wanna surf on-line just visit a web based proxy server (full list at the end of this doc).
Your internet connection will be very very slow however.

Enjoy your surfing ;)


Extra info that might be useful/fun/educational:

List of countries that you should ALWAYS AVOID (proxies) since their governments are well known
for always cooperating with LEA (Law Enforcment Agencies).
Some of these countries in this list may surprise you.

1. The United States Of America (USA) - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS avoid USA
2. The Philippines - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS avoid The Philippines
3. Thailand
4. Cambodia
5. Sweden - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS avoid Sweden
6. The Netherlands (Holland)
7. Denmark
8. The United Kingdom (UK) - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS avoid UK
9. Saudiarabia
10. Canada - ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS avoid Canada

Web pages to avoid on the Internet (for security reasons):

Code: [Select] (Gmail)

All social networking and microblogging services should, if possible, be avoided for obvious


Software to avoid (for security reasons):

MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger


Winzip and Winrar - Great tools for many things but do NOT trust their encryption for protecting
your files. Use PGP instead. ( OR
Skype - Good software for phonecalls/videocalls/chat on the internet (
You should avoid Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger like the plague!

Interesting reading:

Code: [Select]


Please check if they are good enough for you at
Code: [Select]
OR at

Code: [Select]


How to send anonymous Emails:

You can use "Anonymouse" for sending anonymous Emails without the need of an actual Email
account. Note: It takes up to 24 hours for the Email to be delivered though.


Various proxy sites:

Code: [Select]

Good luck surfing safe all of you :)

By ??? ;)


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Re: Here is the perfect security setup
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2010, 07:21:21 AM »
Two quick question, is Nod32 ESET the only antivirus that can be used to provide security mentioned above?

And is proxy solely reason for slowing down the browsing or do some of software mentioned in your post also helps to the output?

Thank you