Author Topic: Ability to SKIP old forum threads  (Read 7385 times)


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Ability to SKIP old forum threads
« on: December 10, 2007, 08:31:31 PM »
Would be nice to be able to do something like:

Code: [Select]|viewtopic|0|4563

So I can get just the newest proxies posted. I already have downloaded the list of 70,000 old ones. I don't need them.

I need the new ones only. Everything AFTER 4563.

Would take less time to get the new proxies that become available. About 90% less time.


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Re: Ability to SKIP old forum threads
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2007, 08:15:37 PM »
Thanks for your suggestion. But by the leech link:
Code: [Select]|viewtopic|0
Forum Proxy Leecher will only download the proxies from the first page of the forum "Anonymous HTTP Proxies", which contains the latest posts. The old posts will gradually move after the first page and then FPL won't scan them again.
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