Author Topic: *.txt*, *.doc*, *archive*, */cgi-bin/*, *.cgi*, *2005,4,3,2*  (Read 5236 times)


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*.txt*, *.doc*, *archive*, */cgi-bin/*, *.cgi*, *2005,4,3,2*
« on: April 09, 2006, 12:22:49 AM »
Does anybody have any substantial evidence that any proxy aquired from a link containing the above terms are useful in any way shape or form???
If not, could we all stop posting them in our leech lists, As I have seen some in most of the lists posted. It does nothing (IMO thats based on knowledge and tweaker like attention paid to meaningless events) but slow down your tools, and waste your time verifying what you could have easily weeded out without the use of some program.

While your at it FPL having port block capability (3124-3128) would also be great to pre-filter palnet/co.